Friday, February 3, 2012

Gorgeous treasuries!

Hi everyone!

I thought I would add a few Etsy treasuries my shop has been featured in lately.

Visit them and leave your comments!  And feel free to share them on your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more!

Have a great day!

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Hi everyone! 

I hope you're all having a great Thanksgiving weekend!

AndTheSignSays is having a CYBER MONDAY sale starting NOW through Monday, 11/28/11!

Buy 3 signs and get a FREE sign of your choice priced $16 & under! Please DON'T purchase the free sign but note which one you'd like in the message to seller section of the check out on your other signs! Too make it easier to find those priced $16 & under, click the 'lowest priced' box.

Here are a few examples of signs in my shop!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Some favorites from Etsy!

Hello all!

As I mentioned previously, I am going to be featuring some of my favorite finds on Etsy!  There are sooo very many to choose from!   Christmas is just around the corner ...these would make great gifts!  Be sure to visit their shops!

Some random favorites that I have been admiring!

:•:*♦*•.  I just think this ring is so darned cute!  Lots of other cute things in this Etsy shop .. check it out!

:•:*♦*•.  I have long admired these whimsical cottage prints!  I'd love to have a set for all seasons!

:•:*♦*•.  These are too funny ... I have given a few of these dolls as gifts and they are always a hit!

:•:*♦*•.  Great hair stylist gift!  I plan on ordering some for my hair stylist daughter!

:•:*♦*•.  And I couldn't resist this one...this shop has the cutest ever Barbie clothes!

Happy shopping!  Stay tuned for more great finds!

Have a great evening,

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Getting in the Christmas spirit ... a little early!

Hi everyone,

I have to say I am getting in the holiday spirit a little early this year ... after all, Thanksgiving is only about two weeks away and I always have my decorations up the next day!   I have been listening to Christmas music in my shop and it definitely helps me feel chipper & happy to be working!

I hope you all enjoy my new look!  I added a pretty Christmas background and music!  I love the feature, which I just discovered!  It is at the bottom of the page in case any of you prefer not to listen to it! :) 

I have added some unique holiday signs to my shop and will be adding a few more so feel free to take a peek!

Here's a new Irish Christmas one!  I just love this one!

I plan on blogging about some of my favorite Etsy finds very soon!  There are are so many wonderful finds on Etsy!!
Have a nice evening,